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Microblading Vs Powder Brows

Updated: May 2

Eyebrow Microblading can be such a journey, it’s a treatment that you will have been thinking about for years and now you’ve finished all your research and even picked your brow specialist then suddenly you are introduced to Powder Brows as an option and confusion sets in! But don’t worry we’ve decided to break it down so that you can make the best informed decision for your brows.

What are Powder Brows?

As with Microblading, Powder Brows are a form of cosmetic eyebrow tattooing. Using a hand tool or digital machine pigment is gently implanted under the skin. The method of creating powder brows is slightly different; your brow technician will lightly outline the agreed eyebrow shape, after outlining your technician will fill in the brow using a pendulum motion to create a unity of small dots, a powdered effect. The finished look is a soft fuller brows, perfect for anyone suffering with sparse brows.

Are Ombre Brows Powder Brows?

Yes, Ombre Brows are a style of Powder brows with an ombre effect. The tail of the brow is darker, with colour fading into a light finish at the bulb of the brow.


What Are The Benefits of Microblading Vs Powder Brows?

Powder Brows

  • Suitable for all skin types and tones.

  • Blends with coarse brow hair.

  • Can cover previous brow tattoos and enhancements.

  • Longer lasting, top-ups can be from 12 months - 2 years.

  • Full defined brows.

  • Best for mid to extreme brow hair loss


  • Suitable for dry to normal skin.

  • Top-ups at 12-18 months.

  • Blends seamlessly with fine brow hairs

  • Full Fluffy brows.

  • Best for lightly sparse brows.



Are Powder Brows More Painful?

If you have a low pain tolerance, don’t worry at most you will feel some mild discomfort with both treatments.


Do Powder Brows Look Unnatural?

Powder brows appear soft and powdery, unlike old tattooed brows that are dark and often not matched to the clients brow hair colour.


What is a Combination Brow?

A Combination or Combo Brow is a mixture of both Microblading and Powder, this is one of the most popular services at SYR Studio. Combination brows come in multiple variations, the most requested being Microblading at the bulb of the brow blending in to Powder midway through to the tail. Another variation of a Combination brow sees Powder in the sparser areas of the brows and hair strokes blended throughout to provide a uniformed look.


Take the hard work out of guessing which brows are best for you and book in for a consultation & patch test appointment here at SYR Studio, Samantha will assess your brows and skin to provide you with tailored bespoke brows.

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