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Microblading vs Powder Brows: Which is Right For You?

Updated: May 14

Cosmetic brow tattooing has taken the world by storm, becoming the best solution for brow loss. Eyebrow microblading and powder brows revive your brows with natural looking, long lasting results. 

Eyebrow microblading can be such a journey. It’s a treatment that you will have been thinking about for years, and now that you’ve finished all your research and even picked your brow specialist, suddenly you are introduced to powder brows as an option and confusion sets in! But don’t worry, we’ve decided to break it down so that you can make the best informed decision for your brows. 

Eyebrow microblading and powder brows offer longevity that outweighs brow tinting services such as henna and HD brow treatments. Brow tinting can last up to 8 weeks on the brow hair but does not provide coverage on skin. Initially after treatment brows appear full, however tint only remains on the skin for 48 hours. Patchy brows are revealed after that time. Eyebrow microblading and powder brows implants colour below the skin's surface that last up to 2 years.


This image is of powder brows.

What Is The Difference Between Microblading And Powder Brows?

Eyebrow microblading uses a specialist hand tool or digital device to lightly implant colour pigment into the skin. Superficial lines are created and pigment settles into the line to mimic hair.

Unlike eyebrow microblading, powder brows are built up by a unity of small dots, a powdered effect. As powder brows provide a fuller coverage, powder brows are a great solution to cover old microblading, scars and any patchy areas within the brow.



Does microblading or powder brows last longer?

Powder brows offer a fuller coverage of the brow area, limiting the need for frequent colour boost top ups. Though longevity varies due to skin type and lifestyle, powder brows can last up to three years when correct aftercare is applied. Eyebrow microblading on occasion may require removal after numerous years as over time hairstrokes can thicken due to re application. Bringing brows back to their original state to recreate crisp hairstrokes can be part of the eyebrow microblading journey. 

Microblading or powder brows for oily skin?

Unfortunately eyebrow microblading is not suited to all skin types. To obtain the best possible outcome eyebrow microblading is recommended for dry to normal skin, with lightly sparse brow hairs. When eyebrow microblading on oily skin types tattooed hair strokes spread and blur due to the excess sebum in the skin. Powder brows produce the best natural results for oily skin.

Microblading vs powder brows cost?

Permanent makeup has increased hugely in popularity, with many specialist salons opting to offer a wide variety of permanent makeup services. Microblading in London prices range from £300 to £700. Powder brow treatments are often priced higher than eyebrow microblading as additional extensive techniques and tools are used. Here at SYR Studio, we keep the cost of all brow treatments the same so that you can pick the best brows for you based on suitability, not price.

Can I mix powder brows and microblading?

Combination or combo brows are a mixture of eyebrow microblading and powder, also known as microblading and shading. Combination brows come in a range of styles that are dependent on individual brow needs. At the mapping stage of your brow appointment, brows are pre drawn and customised. Combination brows are suitable for all skin types, however with more mature skin powder brows are recommended.

What is the microblading healing process?

Immediately after your eyebrow microblading treatments brows will appear bold and dark. Brows will continue to darken up to a week after treatment. Past this point, brows will start to lightly flake and lighten in colour. You must allow your brows to flake on their own and not pull or scratch the skin. Aftercare balm is to be applied for a minimum of two weeks post treatment. The true healed colour of your brows will be revealed four to six weeks after your appointment. Both powder brows and eyebrow microblading follow the same healing pattern however on occasion slightly less flaking can be noticed during healing.


This image shows ombre powder brows

What Are The Benefits Of Microblading?

Eyebrow microblading enhances your brows by mimicking the appearance of hair. Lightly sparse brows can benefit from eyebrow microblading, as hairstrokes blend seamlessly with brow hairs. At your eyebrow microblading appointment, your brow specialist will mix a bespoke blend of colour to match your brow hair while following your existing hair pattern, making your microbladed brows practically undetectable!

Gone is the need to apply daily brow makeup, as you welcome in the new era of low maintenance brows. To keep your brows looking their best we recommend booking a colour boost top up every 12-18 months. Here at SYR Studio we offer pigment top ups up to two years post your last treatment.

What Are The Benefits Of Powder Brows?

Powder brows, like eyebrow microblading, are a form of semi permanent makeup. However, powder brows are suited to all skin types and varying degrees of sparse brows, therefore offering a great alternative if eyebrow microblading isn't right for you.

Medical conditions, overplucking, and aging can contribute to sparse brows. As powder brows produce a full brow look, powder brows offer the flexibility to completely recreate brows from scratch or to simply fill in brow gaps.

Another wonderful benefit of powder brows is that this style is used to cover up old permanent makeup. Your brow specialist will discuss your options with you at your consultation to assess the best style for you.


This image shows powder brow treatment

Thanks to advances in cosmetic tattooing, brows can now be revived just by visiting your local permanent makeup artist.

Book Now to find out why SYR Studio is one of the highest rated permanent makeup clinics in London!

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