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Things To Do Prior To Microblading

Although largely safe, as with any cosmetic procedure, you need to know the possible risks and outcomes you can expect with microblading before you give it a try. Here are a few things to consider before you make your final decision: 

  • Performing Extensive Research 

When looking for services for microblading in London, carry out some research first into the clinic or salon, as well as the person who will be performing the treatment. You should only trust a licensed aesthetician who has undergone relevant and extensive training. 

It's worth bearing in mind that the rules surrounding carrying out aesthetic treatments like microblading vary according to location. Look at what guidelines exist in your area, so you can make sure the provider you're choosing is complying fully with them. 


  • Allergic Reaction 

Allergic reactions to the organic pigments used rarely occur, but are still a possibility. Ask your aesthetician about the types of pigments they will be using and whether there is any history of them causing allergies.

  • Risk Of Infection 

The procedure does involve small punctures to the skin, so hygiene issues are paramount to avoid the possibility of transmission of bacterial skin infections or worse. Ask also whether the provider in question uses disposable needles, as this decreases that risk.

If they do use reusable tools, ask about sterilisation procedures for the equipment to prevent them from transmitting infection. Remember that your health always comes before your physical appearance. 


  • Semi-Permanent Output 

Because microblading is a semi-permanent beauty treatment, it's not easy to cover up any mistakes with make-up. To prevent the possibility of unsightly errors, it's well worth making sure you're putting your trust in the right aesthetician. That's why researching their credentials and asking to look at a portfolio of results achieved for previous clients is always a good idea. 

If you are looking for eyebrow microblading in London and want to be confident you'll be delighted with the results, have your eyebrows done here at SYR Studio! I can enhance your own natural beauty, boosting your self-confidence. You can also be sure that you're in safe hands at my beauty salon in Fulham. 

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where to find the best microblading in London

Thin eyebrows need no longer be a major issue for women who opt for eyebrow microblading in London. Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup treatment that's offered by an increasing number of aesthetic clinics and salons in the UK today. Many celebrities have embraced eyebrow microblading, and it's a trend that's being taken up by women across the UK too.

Microblading Defined

Microblading is a cosmetic tattooing procedure that adds fullness and depth to thin eyebrows. It's not quite like a tattoo on your arm or other area of skin, which is permanent. Microblading uses a different set of tools and a smaller amount of pigment. 

In terms of the procedure, an aesthetician uses specialist microblade tools to apply colour pigments that are similar to your hair colour. The result is eyebrows that don't just look fuller and better defined, but are natural-looking as well. 

The initial treatment can take up to a couple of hours to finish and you'll see the difference in your eyebrows immediately. There's a possibility that after a few weeks, the colour will start to fade, but you can always book a touch-up if this is the case.

How To Get The Best Service When Booking Microblading In London

Our Microblading Procedure

This is what happens during the treatment: 

  • I will carefully shape your existing brow area by plucking and trimming the hairs, then clean the area in preparation for the treatment.

  •  We will look at colour swatches together and decide on the best shade to achieve the look you desire. 

  • I will measure the area around your brows and assess the shape of your face, its features, symmetry and other characteristics to plan the work I will do.

  • Then, the needling process begins. I will gently implant the pigment under the skin with a series of light, featherweight strokes. These strokes form a superficial line in your skin where the colour pigment will seep in and settle. If you feel any discomfort at this stage, I'll add another layer of numbing cream to your brow area, which will take effect in a matter of minutes. 

how much does microblading in London cost
  • I will then add the final layer of pigment, leaving it to set for another five minutes. Once that's done, I'll clean the area one last time before you see those beautiful brows! 

  • A top-up session will be scheduled for around four to six weeks' time. At this stage, I will assess the results and fill in any gaps where the pigment hasn't taken. 

During those four to six weeks, you'll need to follow the after-care instructions carefully and avoid scratching or picking at your eyebrows. They will begin to heal shortly after the initial procedure, so you may feel a small amount of itching or irritation, just as you would with a tattoo elsewhere on the body. Rest assured, that is completely normal. 

Within the first 10 days of the initial treatment, you can expect your eyebrows to change in colour. At first, they might appear flaky or faded; however, this is completely normal. The final colour and shape of your brows will emerge once your brows are fully healed. 

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How Much Does Microblading Cost In London?

SYR Studio offers microblading at one of the most competitive rates on the market. My prices begin at just £390, which includes the assessment and top-up appointment at the four to six week mark. I also offer an annual pigment top-up as a standalone service for just £180 for our existing clients.

Where To Find The Best Eyebrow Microblading In London

If you've decided to invest in microblading, you'll definitely want to have it done at the SYR Studio. SYR Studio is the best provider of semi-permanent beauty treatments throughout London. 

Come and ask to see the results of previous procedures carried out by Samantha Rose, who is one of the premiere aesthetics technicians around, fully certified by the UK's number one semi-permanent make-up training academy! 

To get a natural look that complements your beauty, get in touch today. Feel free to call 020 8226 6257 or send an e-mail to syrstudiolondon@gmail.com.


How much does microblading cost in the UK?

Prices for microblading in London generally start at £300, depending on the aesthetician or the clinic/salon you choose. Remember the adage, you get what you pay for, and it's not worth compromising on quality just to get a low price. After all, this is a semi-permanent treatment and you will have to live with the results for a while to come.

How long does microblading last?

The results of eyebrow microblading treatments can last anything up to 12 and 18 months, but how long the pigment lasts does depend on your skin type.  If you have slightly more oily skin than is typical, then the treatment tends to last around 12 months. If you have normal skin, you can expect the pigment to last anything up to 18 months.

Is microblading worth getting?

Absolutely, in many women's opinions, microblading is worth every penny. Your eyebrows will always look stunning without spending hours on home treatments and make-up; and the results are unquestionably more professional-looking than using an eyebrow pencil, for instance. Nor do they look exaggerated, though: your brows will look so natural that most people won't even notice that you've had professional brow enhancement treatment.

How many times can you get microblading?

It's more a question of how often you need microblading to preserve the look. You should still be able to see the effects of microblading for between 18 and 30 months after your appointment. However, as soon as you notice the pigment is starting to fade, you can always book a repeat micropigmentation treatment with your specialist. This can be done once every six months or annually, depending on your desired look and your skin type.

Who is a good candidate for microblading?

Microblading is a delicate process that introduces pigment to the external layers of the skin, to match the recipient's eyebrow hair colour. Anyone can book a treatment, but it is ideal for people who are suffering from excessive hair loss and would like to have natural-looking, defined eyebrows again.

Can hair grow back after microblading?

The method neither promotes new hair growth nor stops ongoing hair loss. Brow cosmetic tattooing simply makes your brow area look much fuller. That means you can say goodbye to drawing eyebrows on each day before you leave the house. This should also boost your self-confidence, which you definitely deserve.

How long does it take for microblading scabs to fall off?

Your brows will appear noticeably darker for four to six days after the procedure, but will start to lighten slightly as the scabs develop, peel and drop off. This happens around seven to ten days after treatment. During this period, your skin may appear to be a little flaky, but the end result will be worth it.

What do healing microbladed eyebrows look like?

You will notice your microbladed eyebrows begin to darken while they are healing. After a few days, they will then start to look lighter. Small scabs may form, but these will heal and disappear in just a week or two. Your skin will also peel during the healing process.

Which is better, eyebrow tattoo or microblading?

Microblading offers a more natural outcome than eyebrow tattooing, which makes brows look drawn-on and flat. Microstroking procedures, on the other hand, form distinct hair-like strokes that are very similar to the way eyebrow hairs grow naturally.

How do you clean eyebrows after microblading?

Always clean the area that has been microbladed after treatment and use the microblading aftercare cream you are given. You can then introduce a gentle cleanser to your routine. Apply the cleanser with clean fingertips to gently wash your eyebrows for between 10 and 15 seconds.

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what are the procedures of microblading in London

How Does Microblading Work?

Eyebrow microblading or 'eyebrow embroidery' is an art that creates flawlessly shaped and lush eyebrows with a minimum of stress or fuss. Nowadays, the best microblading in London is carried out with state-of-the-art equipment. The newest skincare centres and aesthetic clinics are taking advantage of advances in technology and techniques to form fine line hair strokes in the brow region. This gives beautiful, fuller, more naturally shaped brows than ever before.

Benefits Of Getting Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading is increasingly popular because of the benefits that it offers. If you're still on the fence about whether to book a treatment, here are some of the advantages that just might persuade you to get your brows done! 

  • Long-Lasting Results

Microblading can help maintain an aesthetically pleasing shape and size of eyebrows for years to come. Frequent touch-ups will make sure your brow area always looks great with minimum effort on your part.

  • Easy Solution to Lost Eyebrows

If you have problems with hair growth in the brow area, either naturally or for health reasons, then the microblading method is ideal. This beauty treatment will leave you with full yet natural-looking eyebrows in just a few hours.

  • Painless, Safe, and Effective

Microblading offers natural-looking semi-permanent eyebrows and is totally harmless in its execution. There are few side effects and even if those do occur, they are temporary and mild. Treatment is largely painless and the results are well worth it. 

  • Natural Looking Results    

It is extremely difficult to distinguish between a natural eyebrow and a microbladed one.

  • Waterproof Results

A common problem with artificially formed eyebrows is that they often get smudged and spoilt by sweat or water. However, microblading presents none of these difficulties. Results stay flawless no matter how active your lifestyle.

  • Quick Process

With microblading, there is no downtime after the procedure, and you experience instant results. You can book an appointment in an aesthetic clinic or salon, have your eyebrows microbladed, and continue with your day straight after the treatment.

Things You Need To Know About London Microblading 

Before you undergo microblading treatment, you should avoid blood-thinning medicines like aspirin or skin-thinning products such as retinol for around two weeks before the procedure takes place. You also shouldn't have Botox treatments in the two weeks prior to your appointment. 

I will give you detailed instructions on how to take care of your brows after the treatment is complete. Essentially, this involves keeping the area dry for at least 48 hours; and taking good care to keep your brows as dry as possible for around ten days after the treatment to avoid the pigment smudging. Also, avoid applying active skincare elements around that area until your skin has recovered.

Facts About Microblading

This kind of treatment is generally carried out at salons or speciality eyebrow boutiques, and microblading experts normally have to undergo some form of training.

However, it's worth noting that there is little to no regulation of brow microblading in London, so it's incumbent on you to ensure you're well-informed about the entire process. Conduct thorough research, read customer feedback, and look at images of the establishment and your specialist's work. You should also check the facility's standards of cleanliness.
If you want the best aesthetician for your eyebrows, just give Samantha a call or head to our 'Book' page!


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